Tech Reporter Contact List

For startups looking for press coverage, it is time consuming to collect the contact information for tech reporters. Instead of having entrepreneurs and small businesses, which already have limited resources, spend hours finding the emails of technology reporters, we decided to spend hours creating a comprehensive tech reporter contact list.

List Of Top Tech Blogs

Name Company Title Email address – Work
Sarah Buhr TechCrunch Staff Writer [email protected]
Romain Dillet TechCrunch Staff Writer [email protected]
Mike Butcher TechCrunch Editor [email protected], [email protected]
Matt Burns TechCrunch Editor [email protected]
Kim-Mai Cutler TechCrunch Columnist [email protected]
Josh Constine TechCrunch Editor [email protected], [email protected]
Jordan Crook TechCrunch Staff Writer [email protected]
John Biggs TechCrunch East Coast Editor [email protected]
Eric Blattberg [email protected]
Alex Colon PC Mag Managing Editor of Consumer Electronics [email protected]
Adam Clark Estes Gizmodo Editor [email protected]
Casey Chan (male) Gizmodo Staff Writer [email protected]
Mario Aguilar Gizmodo Staff Writer [email protected]
Rebecca Borison The Street E-commerce Reporter [email protected]
Sean Cooper Engadget Contributing Editor [email protected]
Edgar Alvarez Engadget Editor [email protected]
Dan Duray Observer [email protected]
Ricardo Bilton Digiday [email protected]
Caryn & Edward Techli [email protected]
Stuart Dredge The Guardian Contributing Editor [email protected]
Taylor Casti Huffingtonpost [email protected]
Claire Cain Miller New York Times [email protected]
Brian Chen New York Times Staff Writer [email protected]
Brandon Bailey San Jose Mercury [email protected]
Kent Bernhard Tech Observer [email protected]
Jeff Atwood Coding Horror [email protected]
Andrea Xceptance [email protected]
Jill Duffy PC Mag [email protected]
Yoshke Dimen The Poor Traveler [email protected]
Liz Carlson Young Adventuress [email protected]
Nick Carson Computer Arts [email protected]
Jody Brentkelly San Francisco Chronicle (SFGate) [email protected]
Danny Brown dannybrown.me [email protected]
Nancy Dahlberg Miami Herald Tech Editor: NO LAUNCH STORIES [email protected]
Norman Chonacky Computing in Science & Engineering [email protected]
Warner Crocker GottaBeMobile [email protected]
Justin Cato Apple iPhone School [email protected]
Jessica Dolcourt CNET Editor [email protected]
Lucian Armasu Android Authority [email protected]
Matt Demers Android Police [email protected]
Christopher Calnan Austin Business Journal Staff Writer [email protected]
John Downey Charlotte Business Journal [email protected]
Mike Duffy Northbay Biz [email protected]
Hiawatha Bray The Boston Globe [email protected]
Greg Avery The Denver Business Journal [email protected]
Scott Canon The Kansas City Star [email protected]
Robert Buderi Xconomy Boston [email protected]
Bruce Bigelow Xconomy San Diego [email protected]
Signe Brewster Freelance
Biz Carson Business Insider [email protected]
Jason Abbruzzese Mashable Editor [email protected]
Stephanie Buck Timeline Staff Writer
Josh Catone
Dieter Bohn The Verge Editor [email protected]
Sam Byford The Verge Editor [email protected]
Jamie Condliffe MIT Technology Review Editor [email protected]
Zach Davis [email protected]
Madeline Bennett V3.co.uk Editor [email protected]
Ginger Conlon Direct Marketing News Editor in Chief [email protected]
Editor A Luxury Travel Blog
Derek Earl Baron Wandering Earl
Joshua Brustein Businessweek [email protected]
Soham Chatterjee Reuters Correspondent – Technology, Media and Telecom [email protected]
Natasha Baker Reuters [email protected]
Aradhana Aravindan Reuters [email protected]
Anshuman Daga Reuters [email protected]
Christina Bonnington Refinery 29 Staff Writer
Richard Darell BitRebels.com Founder/CEO/Editor [email protected]
Bianca Bosker Huffingtonpost Executive Tech Editor [email protected]
Robert Cookson Financial Times Digital Media Correspondent [email protected]
James Bourne TechForge Editor [email protected]
Daniel Bean Yahoo [email protected]
Ryan Bushey Business Insider [email protected]
Lisa Eadicicco Business Insider [email protected]
MARCELO BALLVE Business Insider [email protected]
editors Readwrite [email protected]
Editors Mashable [email protected]
Editors Life Hacker (UK) Editors [email protected]
[email protected] Wall Street Journal [email protected]
Dawn Chmielewski Re/Code Editor [email protected]
Jason Del Ray Re/Code Editor [email protected]
Elizabeth Dwoskin Wall Street Journal [email protected]
Eddie Chan Bloomberg Asia technology news editor in Hong Kong, [email protected]
Les Christie CNN Money Staff Writer [email protected]
Erica Christoffer Realtor Mag Editor [email protected]
Editor Website Magazine [email protected]
Vincent Alonzo Incentive Magazine Editor in Chief [email protected]
Andrew Allemann Domain Name Wire Editor [email protected]
Bob Brown Network World Executive Editor [email protected]
Scott Baradell Copyblogger [email protected]
Editors Wired [email protected]
Editors Tech Hive [email protected]
Editors Forbes [email protected]
Editors GeekWire [email protected]
Editors New Atlas [email protected]
Editors Tech Radar [email protected]
Editors Daily Tech [email protected]
Tim Bradshaw Financial Times Tech Reporter [email protected]
Andy Cush Gawker [email protected]
Emmanuel C.M XXL Magazine Online editor [email protected]
Alainna Beddie New York Times Style Reporter [email protected]
Patrick Clark Bloomberg Real Estate Reporter [email protected]
Lucy Battersby Fairfax Media Tech Reporter [email protected]
James Billington International Business Times Editor j.billington@ibtimes.com
Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson News Limited (Australia) National technology editor dudleyj@newsltd.com.au
Leeann Duggan Refinery 29 Style Features Editor LEEANN.DUGGAN@REFINERY29.COM
Sainul Abudheen VC Circle sainul@vccircle.com
Michael Caselli I Gaming Business Editor michael@igamingbusiness.com
Ryan Daws Developer Tech Editor ryan@developer-tech.com
James Bourne Enterprise Apps Tech Editor james@appstechnews.com
Jeffrey Burt eWEEK Senior Editor jeff.burt@ziffdavisenterprise.com
Rachelle Dragani E-Commerce Times Journalist rachelle.dragani@newsroom.ectnews.com
Mike Dano Fierce Markets Telecom Editor mdano@fiercemarkets.com
Wendy Cole Realtor Magazine Managing Editor wcole@realtors.org
Matt Carter Credible.com Editor mcarter@credible.com
Brian Boero 1000watt.net Co-Founder brian@1000watt.net
Michael Angeles Konigi Editor hello@konigi.com
Sal Cangeloso Extreme Tech Managing Editor sal@extremetech.com
Sebastian Anthony Extreme Tech Senior Editor sebastian@extremetech.com
Larry Dignan ZDNet Editor-in-Chief
Ry Crist CNET Associate Editor – Appliances ry.crist@cbsi.com
Rich Brown CNET Executive Editor rich.brown@cnet.com, rich.brown@cbsinteractive.com
Biff Braxton TechCocktail bbraxton@applied-dev.com
Editors BetaNews
Editors ZDNet
Stephen Cook Third Sector Editor stephen.cook@haymarket.com
Margaret Davidson Charity Choice Blog Blogger margaret@charitychoice.co.uk
Alice Casey Nesta Contributor alice.casey@nesta.org.uk
Julie Bort Business Insider Editor, Enterprise Computing jbort@businessinsider.com
Daniel Berger Heise.de dbe@ct.de
Jo Bager Heise.de jo@ct.de
Editorial Golem.de redaktion@golem.de
Alex Barera Tech.eu alex@tech.eu
Joe Barnes FHM Editor joe.barnes@fhm.com
Yaacov Benmeleh Bloomberg ybenmeleh@bloomberg.net
Aimee Baldridge Independent Contractor
Bonnie Cha Autodesk Staff Writer bonnie.cha@autodesk.com
David Carnoy CNET Editor david.carnoy@cnet.com
Martin Brinkmann BetaNews Staff Writer martin.brinkmann@googlemail.com
Aaron Dobbins BetaNews adobbins@betanews.com
Mihaita Bamburic BetaNews Staff Writer mihaita@betanews.com
Robert Cringely BetaNews bob@cringely.com
Paul Cooper BetaNews paul@itportal.com
Chris Bucholtz E-Commerce Times chris@crmoutsiders.com
Steve Dent Engadget Contributing Editor steve.dent@engadget.com
Sean Buckley Fierce Markets Senior Editor sbuckley@fiercemarkets.com
Sam Bookman Fierce Markets Managing Editor sbookman@fiercemarkets.com
Tony Bradley Forbes tony@bradleystrategygroup.com
Dave Altavilla Forbes dave@hothardware.com
Peter Cohan Forbes peter@petercohan.com
Steven Bertoni Forbes sbertoni@forbes.com
Elise Ackerman Forbes news@eliseackerman.net
Sally Davies Financial Times sally.davies@ft.com
Murad Ahmed Financial Times European Tech Reporter murad.ahmed@ft.com
Nick Broughall Tech Radar Australia Editor nick.broughall@futurenet.com
Victor Agreda Jr TUAW Editor in Chief victor@tuaw.com
Frank Catalano GeekWire Columnist frank@geekwire.com
Alex Barinka (Female) Bloomberg East Coast Tech Reporter abarinka2@bloomberg.net
Amy Corr MediaPost Managing Editor amyc@mediapost.com
Ronald Barba TechCocktail Staff Writer ronald@tech.co
Tomas Bleier Techcetera tomas.bleier@techcetera.co
David Card
Natalia Botero El Colombiano Journalist nataliab@elcolombiano.com.co
John Brandon Inc. Contributing Editor jbrandon@inc.com
Jane Berentson Inc. International Editor, ONLY INTERNATIONAL STORIES janeb@inc.com
Norm Brodsky Inc. Senior Contributing Editor asknorm@inc.com
Max Chafkin Inc. Senior Contributor m@maxchafkin.com
Tanya Benedicto Klich Entrepreneur Magazine Editor, Data and Featured Lists tklich@entrepreneur.com
Zoran Basich Wall Street Journal Editor, Venture Capital Dispatch, The Wall Street Journal. Zoran.Basich@wsj.com
Aaron Agius Entrepreneur Magazine Search, Content and Social Marketer aaron@louderonline.com.au
James Boxell Bloomberg Editor jboxell@bloomberg.net
Jack Clark Bloomberg Reporter, Neuroscience Technology jclark185@bloomberg.net
Tim Ash ClickZ tim@sitetuners.com
Martin Beck Marketing Land Social Media Reporter mbeck@thirddoormedia.com
Erin Carson Tech Republic
Jennifer Booton Wall Street Journal Tech & Business Reporter WSJ MarketWatch jbooton@marketwatch.com
Marcus Austin Cloud Computing Intelligence Editorial Director ma@cloudcomputingintelligence.com
Linda Bernardi The Washington Post linda@straterrapartners.com
Caroline Donnelly CloudPro News Editor caroline_donnelly@dennis.co.uk
Eric Blattberg Digiday Staff Writer eric@digiday.com
Karissa Bell Mashable Staff Writer karissa@mashable.com
Joshua Brustein Bloomberg Writer jbrustein@bloomberg.net
EMILY ADLER Business Insider Managing Editor eadler@businessinsider.com
Catherine Clifford CNBC Senior Entrepreneurship Writer cat.clifford@nbcuni.com
Editors TechCocktail tips@tech.co
Sean Buckley Engadget Editor sean.buckley@engadget.com
Patrick Allan Life Hacker (US) patrick.allan@lifehacker.com
Scott Austin Wall Street Journal Deputy Tech Editor scott.austin@wsj.com
Reed Albergotti The Information Reporter reed@albergotti.com
Renee DeCoskey Business2Community Managing Editor renee@business2community.com
Roger Dooley Forbes Marketing Contributor rogerd@dooleydirect.com
Belen Colino belencolino@hotmail.com
Collage Vintage info@collagevintage.com
Chloe chloe.comprando@yahoo.es
Joel Calata malefashiontrendsblog@gmail.com
Bonnie Cha bonnie@recode.net
ADN contenido@diarioadn.co
Mikey Campbell Apple Insider Senior Editor mikey@appleinsider.com
Shane Cole Apple Insider Associate Editor news@appleinsider.com
Kent Bernhard Jr. Biz Journals kbernhardjr@bizjournals.com
Russell Brandom The Verge Staff Writer russell@theverge.com
DANNY BRADBURY Financial Post Contributor releases@itjournalist.com, danny@itjournalist.com
Rich Brueckner Inside-bigdata.com President Rich@insideHPC.com
Charles Babcock Information Week Editor at Large Charles.Babcock@ubm.com
Marilyn Cohodas Information Week Community Editor marilyn.cohodas@ubm.com
Alison Diana EnterpriseTech Senior Editor alison@enterprisetech.com
Mitch Betts Computer World mbetts@computerworld.com
Lizette Chapman Bloomberg Reporter lchapman19@bloomberg.net
Peter Burrows Bloomberg pburrows@bloomberg.net
John Callaham Android Central john@mobilenations.com
Hayes Drumwright Apress hayes@portalofpain.com
Ed Burns Tech Target eburns@techtarget.com
Greg Anderson Arctic Startup greg@arcticstartup.com
Max Cooter CloudPro Group Editor max_cooter@dennis.co.uk
Cynthia Boylan Shutterbug Editor cynthia.boylan@sorc.com
Juli Clover MacRumors Editor juli@macrumors.com
Adam Dachis Life Hacker (US) Reporter adamdachisdotcom@toasterdog.com
Alexandra Chang Freelance Staff writer
Andrew Dowell Wall Street Journal Editor andrew.dowell@wsj.com
Todd Bishop GeekWire Co-Founder and Editor todd@geekwire.com
John Cook GeekWire Co-Founder/Editor john@geekwire.com
Oliver Burkeman The Guardian Staff Writer oliver.burkeman@guardian.co.uk
Christina Bonnington Refinery 29 Editor christina.bonnington@refinery29.com
Ben Coxworth New Atlas Contributor ben.coxworth@gizmag.com
Jeb Brilliant TheMobilePerspective.com Editor jeb@jebbrilliant.com
Sarah Clark NFC World+ Editor sarah@sjb.co.uk
Rebecca Cullers Ad Week Staff Writer rebecca@rebeccacullers.com
Aaron Baar Marketing Daily Reporter abaar01@comcast.net
Rachel Barnes Marketing Magazine Editor rachel.barnes@haymarket.com
Paresh Dave LA Times Reporter paresh.dave@latimes.com
Joe Bernstein Buzzfeed Tech Reporter joe.bernstein@buzzfeed.com
Johana Bhuiyan Buzzfeed Tech Reporter johana.bhuiyan@BuzzFeed.com
Wayne Eckerson http://www.techtarget.com/ Principal
Sam Charrington The New Stack Contributor sam@thenewstack.io
Andrew Brust Publication – ZDNet Blog Writer
Anthony Adshead Computer Weekly Storage Editor aadshead@techtarget.com
Warwick Ashford Computer Weekly Security Editor warwick.ashford@computerweekly.com
Leslie D’Monte Live Mint Reporter leslie.d@livemint.com
Rachael Davis Textile World rsdavis@billian.com
Isabella Burley Dazed Editor isabella@dazedgroup.com
Lauren Covello Fortune Editor lauren.covello@fortune.com
Stephen J. Bronner Entrepreneur Magazine News Director sbronner@entrepreneur.com
Marjorie Backman Salon Media Group, Inc. Assistan Editor mbackman@entrepreneur.com
Paul Demery Internet Retailer Chief Technology Editor Paul@verticalwebmedia.com
Deb Amlen Yahoo buzzologyYT@yahoo.com
Christine Chan AppAdvice.com Staff Writer christinechan@appadvice.com
Caroline Baldwin Essential Retail breakfastatcarolines@outlook.com
Ann All Enterprise Apps Today Managing Editor aall@quinstreet.com
Josh Centers TidBits Managing Editor josh@tidbits.com
Jeff Carlson TidBits Senior Editor jeffc@tidbits.com
Editors Search Engine Land tips@searchengineland.com.
Yuliya Chernova Wall Street Journal Reporter, Venture Capital Dispatch Yuliya.Chernova@wsj.com
John Carpenter Chicago Tribune Reporter jccarpenter@chicagotribune.com
Jon Cook Reuters Small Business Reporter Jon.Cook@thomsonreuters.com
LIAT CLARK Wired Editor, Wired (UK) liat.clark@condenast.co.uk
Roger A. Grimes Info World Editor roger_grimes@infoworld.com
Melissa Dittmann Tracey Realtor Mag Contributing Editor mtracey@realtors.org
Rob Brunner Fast Company Editor rbrunner@fastcompany.com
Joe Cahill Crain’s Chicago Business Business Reporter jcahill@crain.com
Lawrence Biemiller Chronicle of Higher Education Senior Reporter (technology) Lawrence.Biemiller@chronicle.com
Editors International Business Times info@ibtimes.com
Editors Latin Times info@latintimes.com
Tom Dennis T3.com Editor tom.dennis@futurenet.com
Duncan Bell T3.com Reporter Duncan.bell@futurenet.com
Joe Bosso Music Radar USA Editor jbosso@optonline.net
Lee Du-Caine Music Radar Editor, Computer Music lee.du-caine@futurenet.com
Brian Eastwood Fierce Markets Senior Editor
Marc Chacksfield TechRadar marc@techradar.com
Renee Blodgett We Blog The World renee@weblogtheworld.com
Ronan d’HAESE Business Garden business.garden@gmail.com
Alessandro Alloca IP Magazine me@aleallocca.com
Tonje Askim Klikk tonjea.askim@egmont.com
Luca Caracciolo T3N Magazine luca.caracciolo@t3n.de
Desire Athow Tech Radar Pro Senior Editor (UK) desire.athow@futurenet.com
JD Alois Crowdfund Insider Staff Writer jd@crowdfundinsider.com
Editors Cool Mom Tech info@coolmomtech.com
Michele Alice Ecommerce Bytes Contributing Editor makalice@adelphia.net
Judith Balea Tech in Asia Manila/Philippines Tech Reporter judith@techinasia.com
Roberto Baldwin Engadget Editor roberto@engadget.com
Gwen Ackerman Bloomberg Jerusalem Reporter gackerman@bloomberg.net
Editors TechViewAsia
Dan Cooper Engadget Editor dan@engadget.com
Ryan Dube Makeuseof Managing Editor ryandube@makeuseof.com
Akshata Makeuseof akshata@makeuseof.com
Tim Brookes Makeuseof Mac+iOS Writer tbrookes@makeuseof.com
Allie Coyne iTnews.com.au News Editor acoyne@nextmedia.com.au
Paris Cowan iTnews.com.au Senior Journalist-Features pcowan@nextmedia.com.au
Editors Cult of Mac news@cultofmac.com
Kristin Burnham Freelance Editor
Karen Casto San Jose Mercury Assistant Business Editor, Silicon Beat Editor kcasto@mercurynews.com
Pete Carey San Jose Mercury Real Estate, Tech Reporter pcarey@mercurynews.com
Duncan Bell Tech Radar (UK) Lifestyle Editor duncan.bell@futurenet.com
Michael Cooney Network World Online News Editor mcooney@nww.com
Ann Bednarz Network World Assistant Managing Editor abednarz@nww.com
Brandon Butler Network World Senior Writer bbutler@nww.com
Gareth Beavis Tech Radar (UK) gareth.beavis@futurenet.com
April Dahlquist Internet Retailer april@verticalwebmedia.com
Jacqui Deegan This Week In Startups (TWIST) Producer jacqui@launch.co
Tom Dotan The Information Reporter tom@theinformation.com
Editors Gadget Reviews info@gadgetreview.com
Editors The Wirecutter Gadget Reviews notes@thewirecutter.com
Editors Slashgear Gadget Reviews
Sal Cangeloso Forbes Executive Director of Product
Michael Calore Wired Staff Writer michael_calore@wired.com
Kyt Dotson Silicon Angle Managing Editor, DevOps kyt@siliconangle.com
John Casaretto Silicon Angle Contributing Editor johnc@siliconangle.com
Maria Deutscher Silicon Angle Senior Writer maria@siliconangle.com
Matt Day Seattle Times Tech Reporter mday@seattletimes.com
Editors e27 contact@e27.co
Rick Delgado TechCocktail Reporter
Michael de la Merced New York Times Reporter, Dealbook NY Times merced@nytimes.com
Editors Mobile Marketer news@mobilemarketer.com
Editors Coolest Gadgets Gadgets + reviews
Business Editor Tech Radar Pro Business Editor business@techradar.com
Heather Clancy Fortune Writer heather@heatherclancy.com
Elyse Dupre Direct Marketing News Editor elyse.dupre@dmnews.com
Editors MacTrast hello@mactrast.com
editors TechCityNews UK editorial@techcitynews.com
Editors MarketingWeek UK mw.editorial@centaur.co.uk
Hamish Barwick TechWorld AU hamish_barwick@idg.com.au
Adam Bender TechWorld AU adam_bender@idg.com.au
Martin Cowen Tnooz.com Staff Writer mcowen@tnooz.com
Tina Amini Kotaku tina@kataku.com
Megan Dunsby Startups UK News Editor megand@startups.co.uk
Editors Trail Space Gear Reviews editor@trailspace.com
Editors eWEEK Editorial Team jpallatto@quinstreet.com
James Cook Business Insider UK Tech Reporter jcook@businessinsider.com
Jamie Beach 220Triathlon Deputy Editor jamie.beach@immediate.co.uk
Lyubomir (Luis) Dobreva PhoneArena Editor luis.d@phonearena.com
Blog Editors Startup Canada hello@startupcan.ca
Jonas Brandon StartupNorth
Angela Beevers Retail Bulletin Online Editor angelab@theretailbulletin.com
Randy Cordova Arizona Republic Entertainment + Events Reporter randy.cordova@arizonarepublic.com
Johanna Ambrosio Computer World Managing Editor, Technologies jambrosio@computerworld.com
Michelle Dederko UT San Diego Lifestyle/Entertainment Writer michelle.dederko@utsandiego.com
Don Bauder San Diego Reader Reporter don.bauder@mac.com
Phil Baker San Diego Daily Transcript Staff Writer phil@techspertsinc.com
Kris Dunn Workforce Magazine Contributing Editor KrisDunneditors@workforce.com
Kaltrina Bylykbashi MarketingWeek UK News reporter kaltrina.bylykbashi@centaur.co.uk
Michael Barnett Features Editor michael.barnett@centaur.co.uk
Mindi Chahal MarketingWeek UK Staff Writer mindi.chahal@centaur.co.uk
Tom Claburn Information Week Editor tom.claburn@ubm.com
Tom Bartsch Sports Collectors Digest Managing Editor tom.bartsch@fwmedia.com
Abigail Darlington The Post And Courier (Charleston SC,USA) adarlington@postandcourier.com
Diogo Costa TechCocktail Reporter, Portugal-based daxpierson@outlook.com
Jillian D’Onfro Business Insider Tech Reporter jdonfro@businessinsider.com
Jim Cook MobiAD Founder/Editor jimcook@anyscreenproductions.com
Ferhan Cook MobiAD Founder/Editor ferhan@anyscreenproductions.com
John Dix Network World Editor in Chief jdix@nww.com
Jimmy Duffy Network World Managing Editor jduffy@nww.com
Darren Allen Itproportal Contributing Editor darrenallan@unknown.com
Lucian Constantin IDG Romania/security Reporter lucian_constantin@idg.com
Richard Adhikari Tech News World Contributor rewriter@gmail.com
Paula Bernier Customer Magazine Executive Editor pbernier@tmcnet.com
Alex Aspinall B2B marketing Head of Content alex.aspinall@b2bmarketing.net
Anita Campbell Small Business Trends Founder, CEO sbtips@gmail.com
Benjamin and Team SOCALTECH info@socaltech.com
Emerson Dameron Built in Chicago Staff Writer tips@builtin.com
Erin Carlyle Forbes Staff Reporter – Real Estate ecarlyle@forbes.com
Morgan Brennan CNBC General News Reporter Morgan.Brennan@nbcuni.com
Kate Allen Financial Times UK Real Estate Reporter Kate.Allen@ft.com.
Amy Corr Media Post Managing Editor, Online Newsletters, Out To Launch, People on the Move amyc@mediapost.com
Wendy Davis Media Post Senior Writer, Online Media Daily, Daily Online Examiner wdavis@mediapost.com
MARK BERGEN Re/Code Editor mbergen@recode.net
Chris Crum WebProNews Content Manager ccrum@ientry.com
Doug Caverly Staff Writer dcaverly@ientry.com
Paul Clorely The NonProfit Times editor ednchief@nptimes.com
Marina Dawson Charity Village editor marina@charityvillage.com
Nicole Bogart Global News (Toronto/Canada) Staff Writer Nicole.Bogart@globalnews.ca
Jennifer Allen 148apps jennifer.allen@148apps.com
Tamara Chuang Denver Post Tech Reporter tchuang@denverpost.com
Joey Devilla Global Nerdy blogger joey@joeydevilla.com
Joey Devilla Global Nerdy joey.devilla@gsgtelco.com
Jonathan Brandon Business Cloud News editor editor@businesscloudnews.com
Harsh Agrawal Shoutmeloud admin@shoutmeloud.com
Rachel Bull WallBlog wallblogeditor@gmail.com
Brittany PeterGreenberg.com (travel) Editorial/Social Media Manager brittany@petergreenberg.com
Allison Busacca BBC Editor for BBC.com/travel at BBC Worldwide Allison.Busacca@bbc.co.uk
editor EdSurge feedback@edsurge.com
Kevin Bushweller ED Week Executive Director kbushweller@epe.org
Sean Cavanagh ED Week scavanagh@epe.org
Isabel Choat The Guardian Travel Editor isabel.choat@theguardian.com
Byron Connolly CIO.com.au Byron_Connolly@idg.com.au
editor LA Times op-ed oped@latimes.com
editor Wired op-ed submit@wired.com
Juan Diego Polo wwwhatsnew editor contacto@wwwhatsnew.com
Ignacio De Miguel Loogic editor ignacio@loogic.com
Ben The College Survival Handbook editor ben@thecollegesurvivalhandbook.com
editor Datanami editor@datanami.com
editor Geektime info@geektime.com
Jedidiah Bracy IAPP editor jed@privacyassociation.org
Leslie Brenner IAPP Editorial Coordinator lbrenner@privacyassociation.org
Bakari Chavanu Makeuseof Contributor bchavanu@makeuseof.com
Scott Carlson The Chronicle of Higher Education writer scott.carlson@chronicle.com
editor Edcetera editor@edcetera.com
editor e-literate
Sara Custer The Pie News sara@thepienews.com
GE Branch Diverse Online editor gebranch@diverseeducation.com
Cruz Cantalapiedra MarketingNews.es cruz.cantalapiedra@anuncios.com
editor World Property Journal press@WPJNews.com
Chris Crum Small Business Newz Editor, Web Pro News ccrum@ientry.com
Nicole Bode DNAinfo Deputy Editor nbode@dnainfo.com
Jen Chung Gothamist Editor jen@gothamist.com
M Asad Redmond Pie Managing Editor asad@redmondpie.com
Illena Armstrong SC Magazine VP Illena.Armstrong@haymarketmedia.com
Marcos Colón SG Magazine Online Editor marcos.colon@haymarketmedia.com
Eleanor Dallaway Infosecurity Mag Editor and Publisher eleanor.dallaway@reedexpo.co.uk
Neil Bennett PC Advisor Associate Editor neil_bennett@idg.co.uk
Ashleigh Allsopp PC Advisor Senior Staff Writer ashleigh_allsopp@idg.co.uk
Edward Correia CRN contributor ecorreia@thechannelcompany.com
Bronwen Clune Startup Smart Editor news@startupsmart.com.au
Hannah Abrams Technology Tell Managing Editor habrams@napco.com
David Berlind Programmable Web Editor and Chief david.berlind@programmableweb.com
Emma Carmichael Jezabel Editor in Chief emma@jezebel.com
Kate Dries Jezabel Senior Editor dries@jezebel.com
Jessica Coen Jezabel Editor at Large jessica@jezebel.com
Kara Brown Jezabel Staff Writer kara.brown@jezebel.com
Hillary Crosley Coker Jezabel Staff Writer hillary@jezebel.com
Madeleine Davies Jezabel Staff Writer madeleine@jezebel.com
Tom Cheredar GigaOM
Simon Bisson Info World Staff Writer simon@sandm.co.uk
PJ Bednarski Media Post Editor, Online Video Daily pj@mediapost.com
Editor Gizmotika redaccion@mediosyredes.com
Alejandro Spam Loco editor alejandro@spamloco.net
James Brazier Software Testing News editor james.brazier@31media.co.uk
Stephen J. Bigelow Tech Target Senior Technology Editor sbigelow@techtarget.com
Rick Anderson Las Vegan Sun
Paul Asadoorian Security Weekly paul@securityweekly.com
Mark Boslet Buyout Insider/VC Journal/PE Hub Senior Writer, VC Journal, Buyout Insider, PE Hub mboslet@buyoutsinsider.com
David F. Carr Redbooth Editor david.carr@ubm.com
Aldrin Calimlim AppAdvice.com Staff Writer aldrin@appadvice.com
editor FromDev sachin@fromdev.com
Gregory DelliCarpini Fashion Times Fashion Editor gregory.dellicarpini@fashionnstyle.com
Barb Darrow Fortune Staff Writer barb.darrow@fortune.com
Chrisp@nachocove.com chrisp@nachocove.com
Aj@funseek.com aj@funseek.com
Veronica Dagher Wall Street Journal Columnist Veronica.Dagher@dowjones.com
Lana Clements Daily Express Staff Writer lana.clements@express.co.uk
Nancy Anderson Forbes Contributer nanderson@forbes.com
Andrew Cotman Stoney Roads ubbs@stoneyroads.com
editor Something Awful lowtax@somethingawful.com
Peter Campbell Daily Mail Financial Journalist
Patrick Collinson The Guardian Editor of Money Section patrick.collinson@theguardian.com
Lisa Bachelor The Observer Personal Finance Editor l.bachelor@observer.co.uk
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