Introducing Publicize OS

Publicize is proud to introduce today Publicize OS (Operating System). Publicize OS Version 1.0 is the technological backbone for Publicize operations. Our team intends to develop this into the world’s most advanced PR Client Management platform, and the release of Version 1.0 is a big step in that direction.

Says Xander Kahle, Publicize’s Head of Product, “A core commitment of Publicize is to advance PR and Media while providing clients with as much value as possible.”

“To serve these aims, Publicize has invested significant resources into forming a product team whose focus is to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our offerings that make our clients and free users happier, and our team better at what they do. Now the product team is launching its next major platform in a line of innovative solutions following Publicize Zero called Publicize OS.”

A tenet in Silicon Valley is that software is eating the world. All industries, including healthcare and agriculture, are being impacted. However, one of the few industries that hasn’t been as impacted is PR. In the future the Publicize teams intends to integrate machine learning, AI and more to make future versions even more impactful.

If interested in learning more about Publicize OS, please write our team at: [email protected]