We are considered one of the best in the world at a very specific skill-set: Helping early-stage startups get featured on top tech publications. We can do this for 1-3% the cost of traditional PR firms.

Startups have financial constraints. At the same time, PR is important. Its benefits include acquiring new clients, and more – fundraising, establishing partners, SEO, etc.

As an industry, PR is expensive. A PR firm in the US can charge $10,000 a month, with a mandatory 6 month retainer (A $60,000 total cost, which is not a light burden on a startup).

The goal with our PR service is to cover a startup’s risks and make this performance based. With this PR service:

1. There is an initial fixed cost of $600, and this cost will involve developing a story, writing a press release, and conversations with the startup.

2. The remaining payment will be based on performance (the points below, which would be determined by the amount of press coverage the startup receives).

$500 bonus – 5 points are earned
$1250 bonus – 10 points are earned
$2000 bonus – 15 or more points are earned

Points are earned based on the tier of website that publishes the story about the startup. The tier of a publication will be determined by it’s Google PageRank, as this is the most unbiased number (sources can be inaccurate with visitors counts).

Tier 1 websites (10 points): Publications/blogs with a Page Rank 8 or above: TechCrunch, Mashable, NYTimes.com, Wall Street Journal
Tier 2 websites (5 points): Publications/blogs with a Page Rank of 5-7: VentureBeat, GigaOM
Tier 3 websites (2 points): Publications/blogs with a Page Rank of 3-4

3. As an example of how this works, if a startup received coverage on TechCrunch (10 points) and VentureBeat (5 points), then a $2000 performance bonus would be accrued, and the total payment to Brownstein & Egusa would be $2600 ($2000 + $600 initial fee). On the other end in a worst scenario (if no coverage is received), my company will be emailing 1000+ journalists and bloggers about your launch and you would have spent $600 (and had a press release created, etc.).

The maximum amount Brownstein & Egusa would be compensated for this is $2600.

Here are some examples some of our earlier PR coverage:

TechCrunch     GigaOM     Wall Street Journal/Citi       BBC     VentureBeat     TheNextWeb     TheNextWeb     VentureBeat     VentureBeat

Interested in hearing more? Email conrad@brownsteinegusa.com.