Below is an example press release. The founder and company name have been changed, and the numbers in parenthesis correspond to descriptions that are discussed in Chapter 2, Section #7.

(1) MusicToday Launches App To Help You Discover and Promote Live Music, Events, and Nightlife Deals

(2) Free iPhone App Lets Venues and Artists Join The Mobile Marketing Trend

(3) Brisbane, Australia, January 18th, 2011 — (4) Brisbane-based startup MusicToday announces the launch of the MusicToday iPhone application, available on the iTunes App Store for free. Taking the events industry by storm, the MusicToday application is designed to help you discover and promote local live music.

“We love live music, but for many it’s hard to find.” said David Berg, founder of MusicToday. “With live music venues losing customers to popular clubs and being forced to close, it’s clear that people are struggling to discover and support local live music. We are here to help.”

(5) With the MusicToday iPhone app, we start by helping the artist. For artists and bands, there can be incredible pressure with no marketing budgets and limited notoriety to get people through the door.

MusicToday helps by providing artists a tool to promote their events with ease. Artists can add events to MusicToday straight from the app in their pocket, can share them via social networks in seconds, and on top of that, can promote the events with Push Notifications (text messages) to users near the venue just before the event begins.

Using location aware Push Notifications is a modern and highly targeted form of marketing, and MusicToday is smart and can detect how many users are near a particular venue. You can then schedule the notifications to go out 30 minutes before an event begins, or you can send them out instantly! You are much more likely to get people through the doors if they are standing right outside.

“While other apps are only designed for the largest artists and bands, we are getting to the grass roots and concentrating on those without the resources and clout.” says David. “Whether you’re a local busker, cover act, DJ, emerging band or international artist you can get on MusicToday.”

When you’re out on the town and looking to find local live music and events, you can simply load the MusicToday app and, using your location as a point of reference, the app will scan the surrounding area for events happening soon. These results are presented in a beautiful and simple to use interface. If you are interested in an event you can share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter, leave a comment, and even get directions to the venue.

(6) Australia has long had a vibrant live music scene, producing some incredible artists such as ACDC, Powderfinger, Silver Chair, Jet and The Veronicas. However for some time there has been talk of the live music scene in Australia losing it’s vibrancy due to a decrease in participation.

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to discover and promote events. We want to bring the vibrancy back to the Australian live music scene. We do not want to see more live music venues struggle.

MusicToday for the iPhone, a pocket gig guide that unlocks the local live music scene around you.

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(7) About MusicToday

The MusicToday application is available for download in the iTunes App Store for free. Founded by entrepreneur and designer David Berg in 2011, MusicToday’s mission is to help anyone discover and promote live music, events, and nightlife deals.

(8) Contact Information

David Berg, Founder

Mobile: +61 2 298 940 323

Skype: davidberg