Enterprise Plus

PR For Well-Established Companies

For well-established businesses with larger marketing needs we recommend the comprehensive Enterprise Plus PR Solution. This service starts at $1200/month and can be cancelled at any time.

  • Comprehensive PR Service
  • Guest Articles Written & Published On Behalf Of Clients
  • Account Management Dedicated Support
  • 4 Articles Created At A Time

Enterprise Plus

Comprehensive PR Service

With Enterprise, Publicize becomes a member of your team, promoting multiple PR announcements every month.

Guest Article Written & Published On Behalf Of Clients

In our PR efforts, we write and bring online articles on behalf of your company founders and executives.

Dedicated Account Management

We provide around the clock phone and email support.

4 Press Releases / Guest Articles Created At A Time

With Enterprise, you have the Publicize editorial team behind to support your company.

Our Clients Love Us

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

  • Allan Grant

    Y Combinator Founder,

    “My company worked with Conrad’s PR firm, and he helped us with a feature on TechCrunch. What I love most about his approach is that it is performance-based, and is designed for entrepreneurs who are looking for an ROI on their PR efforts. From the start, Conrad had a clear grasp on the process, drawing from his experience writing for VentureBeat. I would highly recommend his PR services to peers.”

  • Greg Laughlin

    Y Combinator Founder,

    “I had a great time working with Publicize. PR is just full of little tricks and best practices that are easy to do when you’re taught them, but tough to execute from just reading on a blog somewhere. Conrad helped us work through those kinds of tactics, and as a result Statwing was featured on both TechCrunch and VentureBeat. He’s also quite happy to just share general best practices so you can learn a lot while you go. I happily recommend Publicize to folks who ask me.”

  • Jonathan Lane


    “My name is Jonathan Lane, and I am the co-founder of LuckyPennie. When my team was looking for a performance-based PR company, we came across Publicize. The company helped LuckyPennie be featured on both TechCrunch & VentureBeat. What I love about the company is that it produced results, it was degrees less expensive than other PR firms, and the team clearly had a grasp on the PR process. The team aimed to reduce our risk as much as possible, and they did a great job walking us through the PR process. I would highly recommend Publicize.”

  • Kai Buehler


    “Our startup Causora.com successfully worked with Publicize. I can only recommend this firm – they are honest, stick to their word, it’s fun working with them and they deliver! As opposed to most PR firms who work on retainers, this firm’s work is performance-based, so it’s really in their own interest to help startups get press. Publicize helped Causora to be featured on TechCrunch, VentureBeat and various other top publications.”

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