Advanced SEO Strategy

The following is a list regarding an advanced SEO strategy. I want preface this by saying that the below are for more advanced marketing individuals and that, even before implementing the strategies below, what is most important is that you create keyword rich content and receive high quality backlinks.

In general, individuals tend to do one of the following when pursuing an SEO strategy:

1. Obsess over the finest details of SEO instead of allocating their time and resources more efficiently

2. Avoid it altogether because they are intimidated by the complexity of SEO

Advanced SEO Strategy

Both of these scenarios are avoided if you focus on what is most important, which is building keyword rich content and receiving quality inlinks. Nonetheless, for the advanced readers, here are thoughts on advanced SEO strategy:

1. Link to influential thoughts leaders. If you do this then in many situations, search engines will believe visitors have found what they were looking for on your site and will give your site additional influence.

2. If your website has any local presence, register the website in the Google Local Business Center at This will give your company the opportunity to show up in local business search results.

3. When identifying keywords to use for your blog, focus on search phrases and not on single keywords.

4. Make sure that the links to your site and within your site use your designated keyword. For example, the keyword phrase “See More Information” should not hyperlink, the keyword “Advanced SEO Tips” should.

5. Understand that some of your most valuable links may come from your weekly email newsletter or eZine articles.

Advanced SEO Strategy

6. Links from .edu and .org domains are given preferential weight by the search engines (as a note, this statement is debated by SEO experts).

7. Integrate social aspects into your website as much as possible (Facebook Like button, Twitter Tweet Button, etc.)

8. Utilize Google Alerts to be notified when someone links to your website. Visit: and add your domain.

9. For advanced SEO purposes, having a short domain name that includes your keywords is most effective. The advantage of having your keywords in the domain name includes perceived authority and inlinks that refer to the keyword in your domain URL.

10. In your website, utilize directories instead of sub-domains. An example of this is use as opposed to

The above is a great addition to an advanced SEO strategy.