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To visitors and friends, welcome to Publicize (formerly Brownstein & Egusa).


Several years ago, after leaving VentureBeat and before founding Publicize, I did not want to start a PR firm. I consider myself a product of Silicon Valley (I had founded an angel-backed startup there), and a central premise of the Valley is value creation. This value, in many cases, seemed diametrically opposed to the PR industry, who’s firms traditionally charged $10,000 a month to clients with a mandatory 6 month retainer.


This cost is not feasible for the majority of startups, nor is there often a positive ROI. The question I asked was, how could I produce a PR service that was not 2X better than existing services, but 100X better? How could I disrupt the PR industry?


Today at Publicize, we believe we have the solution. With our company, instead of offering a $10,000/month PR service, we charge $499/month. If we believe a company has < 70% chance of being featured on leading publications, we provide a $50/month discount. If we believe there is < 40% chance, we provide a $75/month discount. We can offer this because we are the very best at what we do. We have deconstructed PR to a degree very few have done before.


The mission of Publicize is to change the way startups approach PR. We want to reduce the risk startups have with PR as much as possible, and at the same time provide as high of an ROI as we can. 


Publicize has grown into an organization with clients around the world. We work with Y Combinator startups, Directors of The New York Times, and more. We aim to continue helping startups and founders reach their goals. 


Thank you for visiting Publicize. 


Conrad Egusa

Founder & Partner 

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